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План-конспект урока по английскому языку

Some of us like stylish or glamorous clothes the other prefer casual clothes. Vocabulary work T: Open your books, page 4. What is the weather like today? Everyone knows, that it was Columbus, Christopher Columbus, I mean. Your marks are… Good-bye! Tourists usually go by plane. Формирование практических умений в употреблении языковых средств для написания электронных писем на англ. Армавир Краснодарский край Должность: Учитель английского языка Topic: «Whatever the weather» Grammar: Present Simple. What is a biography? Mark and Brandon are talking about their holidays. T: Look at the pictures on pages 3 and 7. But such extreme natural event sometimes happens not only in our country. It covers 4,500 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. What is a western? Учитель: And today Lena will help me. So listen to a story. Match the words you hear with the pictures. After it Columbus was ill and before his death he lived in Spain. Сообщение целей урока 1 минута T: Today we are going to discuss what the ideal place for travelling is. Доклад о коренных американцах. It's a land of physical contrasts. Данный урок посвящен моде, ее эволюции с давних времен до нашего времени. Speaking T:What special things about the geographical position of Russia haw you learned from the text? Ученики: объясняют на английском языке IV. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 15.. Опрос домашнего задания 10 минут T: At home you must prepare arguments for and against tourism. Draw students' attention to the meanings of the words wood, huge and vast.

It is never very cold or very hot.

Речевая зарядка 3 мин. Ученики: повторяют за учителем, затем самостоятельно III. London is situated on the river …… a The Severn b The Thames c The Avon 10. Children: Стихотворение «Good morning». After that, they listen to the cassette and check the answers. Wear something you feel comfortable in. What is the day of the week? What are your scores? Someone who controls or lends large sum of money. Draw the following diagram on the board then invite students to come up with as many words as possible related to landscapes. Буква О о прислала свою визитную карточку.

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Буква О о прислала свою визитную карточку.
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The total area of the United Kingdom is about…..

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