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Ответы по грамматике английского языка

In this meaning it is mostly used in negative sentences. A number of nouns in English may through a change or variation of meaning acquire the forms of both numbers, singular and plural and thus become countable. Which is used in reference to things and animals. Both points out two persons, things or notions mentioned before. Smith, a doll of the girls, the works of Rembrandt, a toy of the baby, a meeting of the employe es, the bags of the those women , the orders of our boss, the book s of the children , the cottage of my parents, a garage of her cousin. It is not a defective verb and can have all the necessary finite forms and verbals. The Classification of nouns. A large number of nouns now proper were originally common nouns Brown, Smith, Mason. Dickens With nouns denoting inanimate things and abstract notions the possessive case relation is rendered in English by of -phrase which then is an equivalent of the possessive case : …the first light of the winter dawn crept round the edges of the blinds. An adverb may modify verbs verbals , words of the category of state, adjectives and adverbs. In this case the Past Indefinite is rendered in Russian by the past imperfective. You're not the Andrew Manson I married. Поэтому очень важно с первых занятий подходить к обучению как можно ответственнее. Your mistake was to send him that letter. Participle I and Participle II can be modified by an adverb. Yates wished Bing would stop thanking him, but Bing went on. Why don't you go and take the documents? To have+ Infinitive expresses an obligation or necessity arising out of circumstances. Когда ребенок переходит в 5 класс, наступает сложный адаптационный период. Galsworthy adverbial modifier of manner Reflexive pronouns may be used to form the reflexive voice in this case reflexive pronouns are structural words : Undressing again, she washed herself intensively... Shaw The door of his room was open… Galsworthy 1. Ann plays the piano good than the other girls. Only one with constitution of iron could have held himself down, as Martin did. It may also be used in reference to human beings. Your sister is merry... What colour is the shirt? Turn on the light; please. In this case only the Indefinite Infinitive is used.

Adjectives of two syllables that end in -y, -ow, -er, -le form the degrees of comparison synthetically.

Мой отец говорит по-немецки лучше, чем по-английски. Most qualitative adjectives have degrees of comparison: big bigger the biggest interesting more interesting the most interesting Some qualitative adjectives such as greenish, darkish, incurable, unsuitable, chief, principal, have no degrees of comparison. When the noun denotes a thing unique the sun, the moon, the universe or a class. Link verbs are verbs which to a smaller or greater extent have lost their meaning and are used in the compound nominal predicate: to be, to turn, to get, to grow, to remain etc. The Earth is always moving. We know him quite well. Пособие включает задания, которые помогают учащимся проверить усвоенные знания. Вставьте союзы as …as, so… as. He began snapping the pebbles carefully into the stream. After the verb to know when its meaning approaches that of to see, to observe the verb to know never has this meaning in the Present Indefinite.

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To have+ Infinitive expresses an obligation or necessity arising out of circumstances.
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